Writer Reviews:
St Viper's School for Super Villains. The Big Bank Burglary. by [Donovan, Kim]‘St Viper’s is like The Incredibles gone bad. And on steroids. A fast-paced, super anti-hero adventure. Recommended.’ Jim Carrington

‘It’s fast-paced, funny, full of action to keep a young reader turning the page to see if Demon is going to make it, and with lots to amuse a grown up reading aloud – not that you should read this at bed-time! (Too exciting.)’ Julia Green

‘Take a mixture of Super Villains from Dark Owls to Demons, add a sprinkling of Robots and Rocket Ships and you’ve got a recipe for a rip-roaring adventure that will keep fun-lovers entertained from seven to seventy!’ Steve Voake

‘As the first book from new publishing venture, Electrik Inc, St Viper’s School for Super Villains bodes well for the company. It is ruthlessly edited, with a fine attention to detail that more than holds its own against traditional publishing houses. It is clear that the combined experience of the team behind the text has paid off.’ Elen Caldecott

‘A well constructed story packed with action, jokes and lots of alliterative silliness to keep young readers entertained, engaged and giggling. It’s like a cracking good theme park ride. Lots of thrilling ups and downs with a promise that you can have as much fun on the sequel.’ Nicola Davies

Bookshop Reviews:
‘When a super hero just won’t cut the mustard you need a super villain! St Vipers is a rib tickler that will have your little fiends hooked. Displaying a talent for gadgets, captivating characters and non stop action this author clearly enjoys her craft. Read better read badder.’ John Lloyd, Waterstones Bath.

Reviews from children:
From Ben aged 8:

‘St Viper’s School for Super Villains was action packed and very exciting. Every single page left me wanting to read the next one! It was very annoying when I
finished reading this amazing book. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes adventure stories. I am an 8 year old boy but would recommend this for older children as well, and girls as well as boys. Hurry up and write the next one as soon as you can.’

Felix aged 10:
‘I thought it was excellent. I loved how you did the opposite of things, like instead of ‘keep up the good work’ you put ‘keep up the bad work’.
My favourite characters were Wolfgang and Mr Awesome.’

Hector aged 7:
‘I loved your book so much and my favourite caricter was Wolfgang!!! My favourite part was when Demon was fiting (fighting) the R0K rodots. And I’d love to go to St Vipers School for Super Villans because did you know that at home I am acholy (actually) evil.’

From Jack. Year 3 Weston All Saints Primary School:
‘Thank you for coming into Year 3 and talking to us about the book and helping us to make our own super villains. I really enjoyed it it was really good. I love your book, that’s why I bought it. I bet it took you ages to wright a book like that. I am reading it at home all the time. I hope that your book will sell really well. Good luck with your next one.’

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